Water Management

With population growth and a decline in water resources, local councils have been focused on boosting the efficiency of water resources management and seeking solutions to reduce consumption and loss.

Complete Services for any Water Project

WSP takes a holistic approach to managing and minimising the use of water resources. We support governments, investors, developers, manufacturers, utilities, and operators by mitigating risks, meeting regulatory requirements, reducing the cost of resource use and disposal, and creating strategies for a sustainable future.


Our experts consider water implications across the entire water cycle, providing a complete perspective to enable efficient and effective designs. We solve challenges in the early stages to optimise usage, undertake spatial and master planning to maximise land value, reduce project costs, and deliver sustainable long-term solutions for communities. 



  • Water demand modelling 
  • Water quality appraisals and impact assessments to aid planning applications
  • Wastewater treatment strategies 
  • Flood risk assessments 
  • Drainage strategies and sustainable drainage systems 
  • Surface water management plans 
  • Contaminated groundwater remediation 
  • Water efficiency


Preserving Water Assets, Infrastructure and Supply 

WSP works with authorities, utilities, and operators to preserve, manage, and improve water assets, infrastructure, and supply. Our advisory services include water quality and pollution, the design of mitigation and restoration solutions, and continuous monitoring programs.


We also assess the health and status of wetlands and water-based ecosystems and devise innovative wetland management techniques, as well as designing water infrastructure and treatment plants. From renewables to traditional sources, we support hydropower facilities, offshore wind farms, and associated ports engineering and water desalination plants.


Innovative Tools to Increase Water Efficiency

The scarcity and cost of water has made it a critical business issue. WSP has developed innovative end-to-end water footprinting and measurement techniques to visually display water profiles, thus highlighting the water-intense areas of a business, particularly when drawing water from regions where it is scarce. Our efficiency programs focus on areas where it can make the biggest material impact.


Efficiency programs for buildings may include rainwater harvesting, improved storm water management, groundwater resource replenishment, and holistic water re-use. We assess water use in the design, manufacturing, distribution, and consumption of products. Our green product design experts and online tools help reduce water use across product life cycles. We can also measure and implement efficiencies across entire organisations and their associated supply chains.


Technical Services for Water

WSP addresses water challenges through advanced technologies and expertise, with our team of highly skilled technical experts leading the way in technological innovation and project delivery. From field investigations to numerical modeling and simulation, we give clients the flexibility to incorporate our expertise at virtually any phase of a water management project. Whether selecting from our specialised services to fill technical gaps, or using our fundamental services throughout an integrated project, our team of professionals provide our clients with unparalleled experience and technological proficiency.


Our field and interpretation tools are engineered to capture high-resolution data in diverse subsurface environments, providing reliable information to support critical decisions. We utilise optimal technologies for delivering reliable and cost-effective results, including: 

  • GIS and data management
  • Aquifer characterisation, using advanced borehole geophysics
  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Geologic modelling
  • Analysis and simulation – data to optimise water management
  • Systems integration – data migration from legacy systems