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Is your transit system efficient enough to keep passengers moving safely and smart enough to cut costs through technology?


Can you extend the life of assets to maximize value, deploy upgrades strategically and deliver innovative solutions?


Can you connect systems to share important data, and anticipate and respond to user needs in real time to enhance comfort, productivity efficiency and cut down on costs?


Can you optimize tools like automation, connected data and robotics to minimize cost and drive greater value?



Smart Thinking: Podcast Series

You may know smart technology is the key to keeping a competitive edge, but what does that mean for your business in practical terms? Go beyond the buzzwords with WSP Smart™ in our new Smart Thinking podcast series.

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What is Smart? How can smart help?

Our WSP Smart™ experts are making the integration of technology and physical assets more seamless than ever. Here’s how we help communities thrive in an ever-evolving Canada.

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