World Environment Day

While every human activity and development exerts an impact on the natural world, we learn more every day about how to minimize project footprints, apply better practices, and more balanced approaches.

Our priority is to provide real solutions to real problems, whatever and wherever they may be. Our reputation is built on helping clients worldwide mitigate risk, manage and reduce impacts, and maximize opportunities related to health and safety, sustainability, climate change, energy, and the environment.

Together, we can act for nature.


img-Climate Change COVID


Holistic resilience: At the nexus of climate change and COVID-19

Explore how we can prepare for climate shocks and extreme weather events in the context of COVID-19.   Read more...

img-Climate Risk and Resilient Investments


Green swans: preparing for outlying climate risks

To build resilience, investors and companies should look beyond existing models and projections, and plan for the outlying risks of climate change. Read more...



Meet Louie, WSP's newest four-legged pollution detective

Detection dogs hold big potential within the pollution field, as they save both time and costs.   Read more...

img-Build Back Better


Building Back Better for the Natural Environment

Overwhelming loss to our animals, plants and landscapes came as a result of Australia’s recent bushfires.   Read more...