Exploring development options is key as community needs are evolving. In this webinar, we explore WSP's upfront approach to transit-oriented development (TOD) through the lenses of both the private and public sectors. We discuss lessons learned and the evolving role of stakeholders in partnering to create infrastructure improvements for thriving communities.
  • July 23, 2020 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM (UTC+10)

Meet Your Speakers

Peter Paravalos-C

Peter Paravalos

Director, Transit-Oriented Development

Peter is a transportation professional focused on transit-oriented development, with over 25 years’ experience specializing in large-scale complex multi-billion-dollar transit and rail infrastructure projects, integrating program development and project delivery, through effective planning and management of relevant stakeholders. Peter is committed to safe and efficient rapid transit, and rail systems that support desired operations and infrastructure development, with positive impacts on communities.

Bobby Gauthier-C

Bobby Gauthier

Senior Project Manager, Planning, Landscape Architecture and Urban Design

Bobby has extensive experience in a variety of planning projects, including zoning by-laws, community revitalization plans and strategies, official plans secondary plans, as well as land development projects.

John Tassiopoulos-C

John Tassiopoulos

Senior Project Manager and Urban Designer

John has managed numerous award-winning, urban design and planning projects throughout his career, ranging from site plan and urban design review to community MASTER planning and Secondary Plans. John also has extensive peer review experience providing architectural and urban design review services to the private and public sectors in southern Ontario, and participates in numerous councils, committees professional working groups in the industry.