We are a world-leading management and technical consultancy for the buildings sector, passionate about tackling the challenges of complex projects and sophisticated architecture. We deliver innovative buildings of the highest quality that meet the needs of investors, developers, owners and occupants. With experts in over 150 offices across Canada, we are part of global team that delivers iconic buildings around the world.

Are the buildings we design today ready for the complex challenges of tomorrow?

Can the buildings we design today address solutions to the problems of air pollution, noise, greenhouse gas emissions, overcrowding? Can we design buildings that minimize risk and are that are resistant to costly damages throughout their lifecycle? Can the materials, technologies and processes we use today across a building’s lifecycle impact future generations?

Our building experts understand the challenges we all face and the complexities associated with designing and delivering services for all types of buildings across our unique and ever-changing Canadian landscape. A world-leading consultancy, we have successfully delivered some of the most spectacular and iconic buildings projects in Canada and around the world.

We tackle these challenges with a whole-project approach. More than just experts in buildings, we are complemented by a wide-array of services including civil engineering, urban planning, environmental science and planning, landscape architecture, and transportation and traffic engineering. With this breadth of talent and in-house experience, our team is able to anticipate, quickly identify, and solve the many technical challenges we encounter daily on our projects; our firm’s diverse mix of projects and personal experience are drawn upon to provide valuable insights into the design, construction, and delivery processes.

We can do anything.

From the tallest buildings to the smallest of projects, we help our clients find value no matter the complexity of their project.

Integrated design team

With strong core services, we also provide a wide range of specialty services across the building life cycle – forming teams that are able to deliver solutions tailored to our client’s specific needs.

Future ready thinking

Mindful of the growing awareness related to issues such as diminishing resources, global warming, changing demographics and advancing technologies, our client interactions focus on today’s reality as well as future requirements.