Climate change has a direct impact on how we build and manage infrastructure, how businesses and investors make decisions, and how communities deliver services. WSP aims to help you navigate uncertainty, make informed decisions and prepare for the future. Our multidisciplinary team of climate resilience engineers, climate scientists and modellers, climate finance and disclosure experts, and public policy advisors are skilled in applying industry-leading tools and frameworks, such as the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosure (TCFD), ICLEI Canada's Building Adaptive and Resilient Communities Program (BARC), ISO 31000 Risk Management, and the PIEVC Protocol, and can help you understand and manage climate change impacts.


How We Can Help

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We offer highly specialized support for any project or sector by combining our breadth of infrastructure expertise and deep understanding of climate change science and risk.

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We are connected to a global network of climate change professionals whose expertise our national team can leverage to help all regions and sectors across Canada make climate-informed decisions and investments.

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We bring a flexible approach scalable to the asset-level, regional portfolios, and high-level governance and decision-making to help integrate climate resilient practices in the long term.

Clients We Help


Investors, Businesses and Industry

Make climate-informed decisions to protect and enhance your business and infrastructure portfolios.


Infrastructure Owners and Operators

Evaluate climate risks and adapt your organizational framework to respond to changing climate conditions, policies and regulations.



Discover resilience planning frameworks and asset solutions tailored to unique climates and communities across Canada.


Federal and Provincial Governments

Understand how current and future climate conditions will impact public assets, operations, and programs, and lead the way to climate resilience in Canada.

Our Services

We provide a range of services to help you manage climate risks, access funding and implement resilient solutions.

The Team

Climate resilience leadership across Canada and around the world.
Elliott Cappell
Director, Climate Change and Resilience, Environment
Carole Smith
Director, Environment
New Zealand
Kieran Power
National Lead for Resilience and Climate Adaptation
David Symons
Future Ready Global Leader, Director, Energy and Environment
United Kingdom
Daniel Gribbin
Corporate Sustainability Leader
United Arab Emirates
Manuel Sanchez
Environmental Sustainability and Operations
Emily Wasley
Senior Project Director and Future Ready Advisor
United States
Michael Mondshine
Vice President and Director of Sustainability, Energy and Climate Change
United States

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Connect with our expert in Canada to learn how we can help you build resilience.