Vlog 4: Learning about the impact of water scarcity in Bolivia

Hello everyone and welcome to vlog 4!

The first stop on the impact tour was at the Water for People office to meet the Bolivian team and learn more about their work. There were seven other participants with me, as well as a translator who helped guide us and facilitate our conversations throughout the week.

The Water for People team in Bolivia focuses on rural communities with dispersed populations and very low income, a challenging task considering how isolated and hard to reach these communities are on top of lacking reliable revenue sources.

The reality of living in these communities is that students often miss school to fetch water or due to illnesses related to consuming contaminated water.

It was truly an eye-opening experience to talk to these people and see first-hand how the lack of access to safe water impacts communities. I felt very proud that a company like WSP supports such initiatives.

In my next video, I’ll be sharing the methods used to provide safe and sustainable water access in these rural communities.

See you soon!