BLOX is not just another office building; it is one of the most anticipated buildings in 2018, according to the BBC, that serves as a hub for creative companies involved in urban development, construction, architecture and design.


In March 2018, WSP Denmark moved into BLOX, designed by Rem Koolhas, OMA. The green glass building, towering above the edge of the waterfront, will provide a unique setting for our Danish headquarters, but what really caught our interest was the opportunity of joining an innovative hub, where architects, engineers, tech-people and designers share ideas and thoughts on how to future-prove our urban environments. The vision of the BLOXHUB community is to bring organisations together to create solutions that will help us meet these future urban challenges: A way of thinking that is completely aligned with WSP’s guiding principles and beliefs.

I am delighted to welcome WSP as a new resident in BLOXHUB. With 160+ Danish and international members, BLOXHUB is set to be the leading urban innovation hub in the Nordic countries. As a leader in their field, WSP will be a valuable part of BLOXHUB's community and mission to co-create solutions for better cities.
Torben Klitgaard BLOXHUB Director


BLOXHUB is an urban innovation hub that brings together companies, organizations and researchers to co-create solutions for better cities. BLOXHUB is founded on the belief that the challenges of global urbanization and climate changes requires a collaborative approach. With members such as Gehl Architects, C40 Cities, Institute for Urban Economic Research and The Danish Architecture Center, and WSP, BLOXHUB is set to be a Nordic launchpad for the future of urban solutions.

WSP and the Urban Challenge

By 2050, two thirds of the world’s population, app. 7 billion people, will live in cities. Global urbanization presents a major challenge to the way we design, build and think of urban environments in the future. BLOXHUB is designed to meet this challenge. BLOXHUB believe that great minds should think together. In the co-working space and through the global BLOXHUB community, BLOXHUB bridge stakeholders from architecture, design, construction and digitalization to build better cities. Companies were selected for BLOXHUB based on their line of work, but the reason why WSP was chosen was because of our global scale, our broad skill and our ability to question the status quo, when working on projects all over the world. Our global knowledge bank gives us access to the latest technology, but it also give us the opportunity to share Nordic solutions with a global audience. According to Jes Hansen, the Managing Director of WSP Denmark, BLOXHUB is a fantastic opportunity for WSP to lead the way in future proofing our cities. Not only do we become a part of a network that will help accelerate the solutions to the urban challenges, it is also an obvious example on how we foster collaboration in everything we do. 

Guided tour in BLOX

WSP is excited to be part of this innovative communitive that spans companies based on a shared belief that only through collaboration will we find the best solutions for the challenges for cities in the future. Collaboration is one of WSP’s guiding principles and the prospect of establishing relationships with so many world class partners that all have the same goal, some of which we are proud to be working with today, is truly inspirational.
Tom Smith Global Director, Property & Buildings

BLOXHUB will bring us closer to new clients and business partners 

Members of BLOXHUB includes many of the Nordic architects with whom we already have great relationships and are working together with on interesting projects internationally. BLOXHUB is already creating opportunities for member organizations to connect and exchange ideas.

This presents WSP with a unique opportunity as Nordic businesses seek to export their urban solutions and explore international opportunities we are in a great place to help make connections and offer our local insights from around the world. Likewise, we are able to bring our global expertise to the table in this Nordic launchpad for the future of urban solutions. 


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