A new skate park at the Olympic Park will shape the future of athletes and our communities

A world-class skate park was inaugurated on July 12 as part of a stop in the Vans Park Series tour.

WSP is fortunate to have participated in the Olympic Park project, which is allowing Canadian athletes to train in a world-class facility, while creating a safe space for young people who want to be involved in the sport of skateboarding.

The WSP team worked with a consultant from California, California Skateparks, mandated by Vans and the management team at Olympic Park to deliver this important project for Montreal. Supervised by WSP's Richard Murray, Project Manager, Buildings, our work was to provide technical assistance in construction during the entire project development period for the new skate park, from the initial design phase to the end of project delivery. In addition, we were responsible to adapt the California Skateparks concept to construction site realities under Quebec's standards.

One special feature of this skate park is that it is built on a multi-level parking garage. It is not built directly on the ground like other facilities of its kind, which adds another level of complexity. The bowl rests on a structural floor made of steel and loads are accommodated by columns. 

Contributing to the future of Canadian athletes

There are very few places in Canada where skateboard athletes can train. Montreal is one of the only cities in our country that can now be counted as having a world-class skate park. This will be a huge benefit to athletes all over Canada who wish to qualify for the skateboarding trials, which will debut at the Tokyo Games in 2020.

Legacy for the community

Facilities will be free of charge and open to all. The Olympic Park Esplanade wants to modernize its space to offer viable options for Montreal youth. This iconic structure will now be accessible for a whole new generation of skateboarders.

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Kudos to everyone involved in this project!