WSP earns Award of Merit at the 2019 Ontario Consulting Engineering Awards

WSP’s F.G. Gardiner Expressway Lower Simcoe Street (York-Bay-Yonge) Off Ramp project wins Award of Merit from Consulting Engineers of Ontario.

WSP’s work on the F.G. Gardiner Expressway Lower Simcoe Street (York-Bay-Yonge) Off Ramp project has helped the company win an Award of Merit at the 2019 Ontario Consulting Engineering Awards.

This year, WSP was proud to receive recognition for its work on F.G. Gardiner Expressway Lower Simcoe Street (York-Bay-Yonge) Off Ramp, which, due to aging, was in need of reconfiguration. Commissioned by the City of Toronto, WSP constructed a new ramp that would make room below for another lane, wider sidewalks, treed boulevards and a multi-use trail. In addition to delivering a safer, better-designed ramp, WSP’s contribution included new street lighting on the bridge, new advanced traffic management system hardware, and a fixed automated anti-icing spray technology system that includes a weather station. Completion of the project means that existing parkland within the York Street ramp site can be improved and made visually more accessible to further enrich the waterfront.

We certainly know the Gardiner very well and this project was a major piece of infrastructure that was high profile - it’s right there, part of the downtown core, near the CN Tower and the Rogers Centre. We completed this project using our expertise in bridge design, construction techniques that minimize impacts to traffic, streetlighting, advanced traffic management systems, traffic modelling, and municipal design Most of all, we did something unique and innovative. WSP is focused on continuing to do its part to better the cities it calls home. Being recognized for this work is just an added bonus.
Jeff Smith Project Manager, Transportation

Jeff Smith, Project Manager, Transportation

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