WSP employee named Forestry Engineer of the Year

L’Ordre des ingénieurs forestiers du Québec has chosen to award Denis Meunier with “Forestry Engineer of the Year.”

mov-Il pleuvait des oiseaux

Denis Meunier received the “Forestry Engineer of the Year” prize, emphasizing his outstanding contributions to the development and promotion of the forestry engineer profession. The award recipient is selected for being a professional who stands out in the profession, especially by demonstrating initiative, leadership or innovation.

Through his drive, communication skills, unifying spirit and his passion for sharing his work, Denis has advanced the profession at home and all over the world. He accomplished this particularly through his involvement in the hit film “And the Birds Rained Down”, which is still showing on theatre screens. Denis advised the technical team during the project’s development and during filming. He quickly became an invaluable asset, and the team relied on Denis to ensure realistic sets and filming locations.

During the evening organized by the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec this past October 24, the film’s producer, Ginette Petit, went on stage to pay a heartfelt tribute.

“During our search for film locations, how many times did team members tell me: “Just call your forestry engineer, Ginette, to see if this would be possible in REAL life,” she said.

“We were immediately captivated by [Denis’] professionalism and his timeliness. He always responded with accuracy and attention to detail. He’s excellent at making complex information accessible, and he is a forest enthusiast. He infected the entire technical team with his passion.”

Award-Forestry-bnr-Il pleuvait des oiseaux

Denis also contributed to the development of a book that is currently in bookstores called Dans la lentille de “Il pleuvait des oiseaux.” The book offers the chance to see video stills for an extended immersion into the visual universe of this unforgettable narrative, and contains text written by Denis about his passion and love for the forest and his work.

Watch Denis’ clips that were used to promote the film:

Il pleuvait des oiseaux #4 - Denis Meunier Il pleuvait des oiseaux #6 - Denis Meunier