WSP partners with WIM to discuss the future of women in mining in remote communities

WSP launched our mining campaign by organizing a panel discussion with Women in Mining (WIM) about the impacts of working in remote sites on the recruitment and retention of women in the mining sector.

It is with great honour that on February 6, WSP welcomed more than 60 people to its Montreal head office to attend a panel discussion with various mining sector experts.

This event was held thanks to the participation of Women in Mining Montreal, an organization whose mission is to encourage, promote and empower women in the industry. It envisions a future where possibilities, opportunities and dreams are the same for all, regardless of gender. Its mission is very much in line with WSP's values, as was mentioned by Barbara Oberleitner, Vice President, Global Head of Tax, during her welcoming remarks. We were also fortunate to welcome an exceptional moderator, Catherine Boudreau, a geotechnical engineer at WSP who masterfully led the conversation.

Many current topics of interest to women in the mining sector were discussed, including the challenges faced by mining companies in attracting women to remote sites, the actions these companies could take to improve women’s experiences at remote sites, and the impact of being away from family for extended periods on the recruitment of women.


The panellists

Sylvie Gervais

Vice President, Human Resources

Stornoway Diamonds

Maria Hassan Ali

Integrated Planner

Integrated Remote
Operations Centre (IROC)
ArcelorMittal Mining Canada

Rebecca Sproule, Ph.D.

Exploration Geologist

Tascan Geosciences

Sophie Bergeron

General Manager

Éléonore Mine
NewMont Corporation


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