Coquitlam Water Treatment Plant

The project involved the replacement of a gaseous chlorine system with a liquid bulk hypochlorite system at the Coquitlam Water Treatment Plant (WTP), one of two treatment plants in the Metro Vancouver Region. A critical step in the water treatment process, the chlorine disinfection process was continuously operated throughout this conversion.


  • Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada

Project Value

  • $6.5 Million

Project Status

  • Complete


Plant Ultimate Capacity
1,200 ML/day 1,200 ML/day
Number of feeders
6 6
Volume of hypochlorite storage
120,000 L 120,000 L
Number of storage tanks
4 4
Storage Tank Height
4 m 4 m
Potable water created on an average day
600 ML 600 ML
img-Coquitlam Water Treatment Plant Hypochlorite Conversion Project

New hypochlorite feeders at the Metro Vancouver, Coquitlam Water Treatment Plant.