Solid Dosage Forms Pharmaceutical Production Facility

WSP assists a pharma company expand its range of products, providing all the engineering services needed to support the launch of its new solid dosage form for North American and European markets.

For companies involved in the pharmaceutical dosage formulation industry, improvements to and development of new dosage forms and processes is a continuous goal in meeting patient and client demands in this highly competitive market. And it is no exception for our client, a major player in Canada. With a wide range of solid dosage forms already under its belt, our client sought to launch an innovative and never-seen-before dosage form destined for North American and European markets.

Considering our capabilities to deliver comprehensive engineering services for mainstream and unconventional projects, especially with respect to both commissioning and validation, WSP was selected to support the development of the concept design for the new dosage form, which would entail the partial refurbishment of an existing building for the production facility and an extension to facilities for bulk storage, mechanical rooms, and receiving and shipping.

Moving the project along

As no equivalent product existed on the market, the project had to be completed before the competition went to market with a comparable product. A fast-track project delivery was critical to meet our client’s requirements and its go-to-market schedule. A key challenge was to develop the right concept, while the product manufacturing process was still in development at the time of construction.

Within one year, the entire project was finalized. WSP completed the concept design, detailed design, construction surveillance, and commissioning and validation for this project, encompassing several disciplines including environmental, process consulting, mechanical, electrical, and structural and civil engineering. Phasing and logistics planning were crucial to the project’s success, since alterations to the existing building, integration of new process equipment and modifications to existing systems were required.

Our client is on queue to take its product to the market in 2019.