Southeast and East Calgary Connector

Two modern, high-pressure natural gas transmission pipelines built through Calgary’s busy urban corridors.


  • Calgary, Alberta, Canada


  • ATCO Pipelines

Project Value

  • $697,553 (South East) / $520,324 (East)

Project Status

  • Completed 2016

Urban Pipeline Replacement Program

To help ATCO Pipelines (ATCO) with its Urban Pipeline Replacement Program, ATCO Pipelines (ATCO) to accommodate growth in the Calgary region, WSP applied a number of innovative approaches to the table to ensure the client had access to comprehehsive, integrated and timely information.

The Program included the construction of two pipeline segments: the Southeast Calgary Connector, a 13.4 kilometre, 610 millimetre natural gas transmission pipeline and the East Calgary Connector, an 8.7 kilometre, 762 millimetre natural gas transmission pipeline. The purpose of this project was to install modern, high-pressure natural gas transmission pipelines throughout Calgary’s urban corridors.

Pipeline - South East Connection
13.3 KM
diameter of the natural gas transmission pipeline - South East Connection
610 mm
hours worked by WSP - South East Connection
pipeline - East Connection
8.7 KM
diameter of the natural gas transmission pipeline - East Connection
762 mm
hours worked by WSP - East Connection

High Accuracy, Convenient Delivery

Our Calgary field crews first flagged the pipeline footprint for clearing and construction activities and recorded the pipeline as-built data using RTK GPS systems throughout construction activities. Surveyed pipeline as-built data was imported into a GIS geodatabase which contained geospatial features such as pipe information (heat, joint number, grade, wall thickness, etc.), welds, bends, coating repairs and cathodic protection.

This innovative approach to data management allowed our client to view data online or through their desktop GIS software as part of their information management system. We also collected the inspection reports from the other contractors for the bends, HDD’s, MTR’s, crossings, radiography and tied them to the geographic coordinates within the geodatabase. This enabled ATCO to digitally store and reference all pipeline data in a single database which was also tied to the actual geographic location of the each pipeline feature.


Leveraging 3D Laser Scanning Technology

To ensure our client had the most cost-effective and highly detailed data, as-builts were scanned with a laser scanner, which records a highly detailed 3D point cloud of the facility. This point cloud was then imported into AutoCAD for further analysis and modeling. WSP provided ATCO with an interactive 3D PDF allowing the user to zoom and rotate the site within the PDF. Additionally, the user can use the measuring tool within the PDF to extract as-built information.