Starling at Big Lake Residential Community

Starling at Big Lake is a 64-hectare low impact, sustainable residential development located in northwest Edmonton.

Design and Construction Management

WSP is the prime consultant for the design and construction management of this 64-hectare residential development, consisting of over 650 lots, located in the northwest of Edmonton. Starling’s unique geographical location and existing environmental aspects made for a challenging project. Located just southeast of Lois Hole Centennial Provincial Park, Starling boasts natural features including Horseshoe Creek, making it a nature lover’s paradise, while maintaining close proximity to the amenities of the City.

160m 160m
Hectares of environmental reserve
9 9
Hectares of residential development
64 64
Multi-use trails
3km 3km
Naturalized storm ponds
2 2
Residential lots
650 650

Unique Low-impact Development Features

Unique low-impact development features were designed and incorporated into the neighbourhood to further promote sustainability and deter negative impacts upon the environment:

  • Five roadside “bumpouts”—which are low-impact development and sustainable rain gardens for cleaning and treating the storm water prior to inletting into the storm water management facility—were built. These bumpouts also helped to create a traffic calming effect within the local road network.
  • One 160-metre bio-swale was created as a sustainable storm water treatment prior to inletting into the storm water facility.
    One existing natural wetland was incorporated into the design of the neighbourhood. Design measures were used to ensure the sustainability of the wetland.
  • Two storm water management facilities were created as constructed wetlands in order to ensure a low-impact feature to the overall development.
    One floating vegetated island within one of the storm water management facilities was built to assist in the treatment of the storm water, as well as provide a habitat for wildlife within the pond.
Starling at Big Lake Residential Community

Starling at Big Lake Residential Community

A Connection to Natural Environment

Through the application of sound planning, design, and engineering principles, Starling at Big Lake is a sustainable neighbourhood that will evolve into a recognized environmental community where residents feel connected to the natural world, and develop a superior appreciation and respect for the major ecological significance of the greater Big Lake area.