Toronto Sewage Pumping Stations

WSP is working on a group of seven sewage pumping stations in the Toronto area to provide upgrades including pump replacement, increased capacity, and new HVAC, power distribution and station controls.

Toronto pump station upgrades

The upgrade and rehabilitation of seven Toronto sewage pumping stations includes replacement of all existing pump, piping and valves, fans, ducts, heaters and plumbing, MCC’s, ATS, RPU panel and controls equipment. Additionally, the upgrades include the replacement of bar screens with grinders, and the installation of new flowmeters and pressure transmitters, provision of a new permanent bypass connection, and installation of new standby generators. Development of a PCN was completed to implement PCS compliance for the RPU, OIT, and SCADA.

The HVAC and gas detection systems provided, for both Dry and Wet Well, were designed to meet NFPA 820 (2016) requirements.

The facilities included in this project are:

  • Warren Park Pumping Station - 94 L/s *increased from 60 L/s
  • Baby Point Sewage Pumping Station - 62 L/s
  • Old Mill Sewage Pumping Station - 72L/s
  • Humber Sewage Pumping Station - 15 L/s
  • Berry Road Sewage Pumping Station - 18 L/s
  • High Park Sewage Pumping Station - 18.6 L/s
  • Kennedy Sewage Pumping Station (Kennedy Park) – 21.3 L/s

Additional rehabilitation work

Further to the upgrades within the station structure, additional work was completed, including envelope, structural repairs and modifications, site works (grading, new water service, natural gas service, communication cable and Hydro service).

Prior to design, the maximum station capacity based on wet well configuration and forcemain restrictions were determined. Determination of the condition / C-Value of the existing forcemains and recommendations for improvements were also performed. This included a review of Wet Well level cycles and SCADA data.

As part of the design scope, the upgrades were reviewed with Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MOECP), Toronto Building Department, Toronto Transportation Services, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, Toronto Urban Forestry, Toronto Parks Forestry and Recreation Division, Toronto Hydro (THESL) for transformer upgrades, Enbridge for provision of new natural gas service, as well as TTC for the upgrades at the Humber SPS which is located adjacent to a TTC tunnel structure.

img-High Park

High Park Sewage Pumping Station