The Canadian aerospace industry is a major driver in the national manufacturing industry, and its technology is constantly evolving. To be successful, companies that operate in this sector must have a solid foundation based on quality, reliability, and competitiveness. Facilities that manufacture aircraft and aircraft components must be state-of-the-art. They are required to maintain the industry's reputation by meeting the very highest of standards.

World-class services

WSP's primary objective is to offer a unique onestop- shop for exemplary engineering solutions and services, while providing its industrial customers with added value. Our strength lies in the expertise and determination of our team: throughout each project stage, we work with clients to maximize their return on invested capital and limit costs. With several years of experience in the aeronautics sector, we understand the complex interrelationships between airport facility entities.

Broad Service Range


  • Structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering services
  • Aircraft hangar, manufacturing plant, and specialized assembly design
  • Aircraft test pad design: heated concrete slabs, aircraft ground anchors, engine thrust deflection walls
  • Emergency showers and fire, compressed air, steam, and water protection networks, etc.
  • Bridge crane and control system design for aircraft component/ aircraft positioning. Bridge-to-bridge carriage transfer systems



  •  Engine test room design
  • Noise abatement
  • Fuel supply and leak detection
  • Engine cooling system design (air and liquid)
  • Fresh air supply and exhaust gas systems
  • Transport, lift, and engine anchorage systems



  • Special foundations for high precision equipment
  • Tarmac, parking, catchment basin, and watertight holding
  • tank design
  • Water and gas inputs
  • Sanitary and rainwater drainage



  • Environmental audits, authorization certificate applications, permit applications
  • Analysis, quantification, and qualification of atmospheric emissions and waste water
  • Waste treatment process design



  • Paint booth design and modification
  • VOC abatement and incinerator system design and selection
  • Mobile access platform design for production and paint lines
  • Jet fuel oil depots (fuel farms): above-ground storage tanks, underground storage tanks, refueling stations, fuel drainage networks, recirculationand filtration equipment, oil separators, inventory management systems
  • Single and double wall pipe design (both above ground and underground)
  • Vapor control and dust extraction systems
  • Plant and equipment layouts for material flow optimization
  • Energy recovery and heat exchange



  • Electrical design for classified areas
  • 400Hz power supply systems
  • Grounding systems and proof of grounding
  • Emergency generators, UPS



  • Access control, intrusion detection, and video surveillance systems; physical protection safeguards for perimeters and interior spaces; control center design
  • Process and instrumentation diagrams
  • PLC and operator interface (HMI) selection and programming
  • CSA B149.3 compliance study for process air ventilation and recirculation
  • Control system refurbishment (reverse engineering)
  • Bridge crane control system design to position components, remote controls, “handshake” controls, etc.



  • System and process commissioning
  • Construction management
  • Purchasing, tracking, and management
  • Construction cost estimation and monitoring
  • Workplace health and safety management on construction