Chemical Industry

 Over the years, the chemical industry has grown into an essential part of the modern economy. Chemical production is crucial in our day-to-day lives, and companies face increasing challenges such as changes in demand, cheaper production methods and sustainable alternative solutions.  

In Canada, our team has chemical industry backgrounds and understands operational issues. Increasingly, our clients use our experience to achieve more from their current assets. Our approach is to work closely with our clients’ teams to provide wide ranging engineering support and undertake upgrades of existing facilities in a cost-effective way. Debottlenecking skills and the use of tools such as Cost of Goods Analysis and Process Simulations bring proven, self-funding benefits to our clients.
We also propose a variety of chemical engineering services to clients covering every area of the process from receipt of raw materials, through processing to storage and dispatch. 
Our team has successfully completed numerous design and construction, implementing, quality improvement, plant capacity increases as well as general plant expansions to help the increase of a total production capacity.

Supporting Our Clients’ Strategy and Operation

We offer strategic-level support with concept and front-end studies, providing accurate information to make capital investment decisions. We are able to assemble multidisciplinary teams anywhere in the world, integrating with your teams and using our extensive office network to engage with your local supply chain.


Our support does not end when a project is completed. We have teams of engineers supporting a wide range of operational and business improvement projects. We use alliance partnerships to deliver support and ensure that you get the best level of flexibility and value.


We understand that you need more than just process engineering and design support. We offer a suite of services from planning consenting, compliance assistance to safety and environmental management, including process safety, design safety review, major accident hazard management, and emissions control and permitting. We have a team of international experts in the sector to support you with product stewardship and product safety requirements, including REACH, EU’s chemicals regulation, through to evolving areas such as conflict minerals and supply chain assessment.


Experience and Expertise in the Chemical Sector

Our collaboration with clients worldwide has allowed us to gain extensive experience in, among others, fine chemicals, polymers, coatings, solvents, highly toxic chemicals, and resins and crude oils. We leverage our expertise to provide clients across the entire chemical chain with innovative, tailored and comprehensive solutions for industrial manufacturing processes ranging from composites, medical devices and electronics to high-end products servicing the aerospace and automotive sectors for multinational clients such as Victrex, Clariant, Croda, and AkzoNobel.


Whether it’s engineering modifications to debottlenecking part of your particular process or managing the expansion of a fully operational, high-hazard and space-constrained facility, we offer substantial expertise to help you navigate one or all project phases, regardless of the project location or scale of operation:

  • Process engineering
  • Concept, front-end and detail design
  • Planning, environmental and safety permitting
  • Multidisciplinary engineering
  • 3D modelling capability
  • Procurement
  • Construction management
  • Ongoing management of Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) requirements
  • Product safety and stewardship
  • Corporate and process sustainability
  • Contaminated site management and remediation

Through our international offices, we also deliver comprehensive safety, operability and construction design and management (CDM) compliance projects.