Commercial and Mixed Use

We have delivered tens of millions of square metres of office space for investors, developers and occupiers around the world. Our work focuses on office and mixed-use buildings and includes new build and refurbishment projects, high-rise developments and business parks, from basic to luxury.

Working environments have a direct impact on human health, productivity and quality of life. There is also a powerful business case to encourage employers to have better working environments: they can minimize staffing costs and boost work productivity. Staff can account for as much as 90 percent of a company’s expenditures so even a small improvement in the work environment can reduce turnover, and improve output as well as the bottom line. 

Furthermore, great working environments with flexible space are attractive to a variety of employers, making them leasable over long periods of time. Such adaptability ensures that building owners maintain a good return on their investment for many years to come.\

Higher Return on Investment for Commercial Buildings

For every commercial project, we have two objectives: to create the best working environment for people and deliver high returns on investment for the client, throughout the lifetime of the building. We address the occupants’ total environmental comfort, which includes everything from access to natural light, glare control, air motion and humidity, to the freshness and quality of the air. Our multi-disciplinary approach enhances the long-term value of a building by facilitating flexibility, which allows businesses to adapt the spaces to changing markets and new ways of working, and owners to accommodate different occupier groups over time. Both aspects make buildings as leasable as possible over the long term.

Services for the Whole Project Lifecycle

WSP offers a truly multi-disciplinary service for all stages of the project lifecycle – from early business planning through design and construction to asset management and refurbishment. Our comprehensive range of building design services is complemented by environmental, transport planning and infrastructure services.

Sustainable, Future-Proof Solutions

By looking at the form, geometry and type of usage of a building we come up with solutions that complement its architecture and function. Our experts understand complex building structures and systems and the required synergy for the operational success of office and mixed-use buildings. This has enabled us to work with some of the world’s most prominent owners and developers: from One World Trade Center in New York and Salesforce Tower in San Francisco to The Shard in London and 1 Shelly Street in Melbourne. Buildings engineered by WSP stand the test of time and make a positive contribution to our cities’ economic development, community and environment.

When engineering buildings, our experts make sure they will be able to adapt to change by considering a range of interlinked technological, social and environmental factors that will impact the built. We are passionate about green building design and our teams help clients achieve the highest levels of sustainability through low-energy and low-carbon solutions that address climate change challenges. Our green design specialists also help clients achieve sustainability certifications such as LEED, BREEAM and Green Star.

Local Knowledge

We add value by offering local knowledge and experience, supported by global expertise as needed. This enables us to offer a seamless service for international clients who require global standards adapted to local requirements. Our portfolio includes projects for global and local clients across many cities including London, New York, Montréal, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Johannesburg, Singapore, Stockholm, Paris, Melbourne and Dubai. We can bring world- renowned specialist services, such as high-rise design, with experts from New York and London to any location in the world.