Rail and Transit

Transit is not simply a transportation mode: it is a community-building tool. Transit influences investment decisions and fosters economic development and revitalization.

Successful implementation of transit and rail projects depends on an understanding of how developers operate and how realities change in the short and long-term. Rail and transit projects need ongoing adjustments, and this can only be achieved with good communication between public agencies, private ventures, and local communities.

WSP has led the rail and transit sector since its first project: the design of the New York City subway system, in the 1880s. Our expertise is built from years of experience in public transport infrastructure on almost all continents.

We provide the full range of planning, design, engineering and management services for the complete rail project lifecycle. Together, we provide clients and partners comprehensive planning, design, program and construction management services, and strategic advice for high-speed rail systems to mainline railways, through to passenger and freight rail projects. Combined with our depth of experience and expertise in complex buildings and linear infrastructure, we have the know-how, adaptability and responsiveness that governments and the private sector require to meet challenging rail programs in a variety of delivery environments.

From Rail Engineering to Transportation Planning

 According to a UN report, 54 per cent of the world’s population live in urban areas, a proportion that is expected to increase to 66 per cent by 2050. This means that cities all over the world need to reconsider their public transport services in order to meet future demand.

Rail and transit systems play a leading role in the future of modern transportation. They offer sustainable solutions that reduce carbon emissions, create greater mobility with increased energy efficiency and provide long-term economic benefits.

WSP’s experts help transportation agencies plan, design and manage all forms of mass transit—heavy and light rail, streetcars and people movers, and bus rapid transit. We take pride in our ability to offer flexible solutions to suit the individual requirements and fulfill the visions of our valued clients. We deliver advanced and sustainable outcomes to make transportation smarter, faster and more affordable for our clients and their communities.

The California High-Speed Rail is a good example of our involvement. The new line will connect Los Angeles and San Francisco in three hours, while contributing to economic development and a cleaner environment. 

In London, our work on the London Bridge Station helped to create a redeveloped transport hub, bringing together bus, train and tube services in a much more user-friendly and pleasant space.

WSP combines expertise in engineering design and construction-phase services with strategic consulting, land use planning, and program management to provide clients with comprehensive support from inception through operations. Drawing on a pool of specialists from across the globe, our transit experts offer support in the various disciplines that are key to achieving successful mass transit and public transportation projects.


Integrated and Advanced Rail Solutions

As rail and transit systems are being built, modernized and expanded, technological advancements are being developed to make them safer, faster and more reliable. WSP is at the forefront of applying and integrating these technologies to new and existing networks. We ensure our work is done efficiently, with minimal disruption to existing services and value to our clients.

WSP provides expertise in rail and transit project delivery of all shapes and sizes. From intricate underground lines in Stockholm, advanced bus rapid transit systems in the UK and Australia, new metro lines in the Middle East and East Asia, light rail systems in the US and the Caribbean, and landmark stations in New York and London, we have taken on many challenging projects and helped make them a success for our clients and the communities they serve.