For over 50 years, WSP has provided trusted advice, including building evaluation, repair and renewal, reserve fund studies and depreciation reports, capital planning, and sustainability and energy services to the residential sector.

Clients look to WSP for experience and proactive strategy as the residential sector changes in response to some broadscale shifts. Household sizes are shrinking in response to demographic and social trends. The dual pressures of urbanization and increased population have significantly increased demand for property in urban centres. At the same time, many large cities across the world face a shortage of land for residential development.

Trusted Advisor to the Condominium and Rental Housing Sectors

Property owners, managers, condominium boards and strata councils need advice to manage their residential investments now and plan for the future.

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Renewing with a Purpose

We deliver a full spectrum of building management strategies – from targeted repairs that prolong service life, to major changes that support the repositioning of a building within the marketplace. We understand service life and ownership objectives. Through experience, we have learned how to maximize sellable space without compromising structural performance or occupant comfort.

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Experience-based Capital Projections

Our capital projections are based on our decades of experience renewing, repairing and restoring buildings. We draw on a wealth of resources, including seasoned structural engineers, corrosion experts, building envelope designers and concrete restoration professionals.


We Make Commercial Sense while Improving Quality of Life

WSP’s experience in the residential sector ranges from the design of single-family homes to the planning of entire neighbourhoods. It encompasses private housing and apartments, social housing, student accommodation and urban communities. We help developers, home builders, government and municipal authorities, and property managers deliver successful and profitable residential developments, including their associated infrastructure.

When working on a residential project, we strive to create spaces that improve quality of life for individuals and communities, while also delivering value to our clients through a good return on investment and brand recognition, and increasing the appeal of towns and cities through the creation of thriving neighbourhoods. We design residential buildings with a long-term view, so they can adapt to future needs.


Support Throughout the Residential Development Process

We support our clients at every stage of the development process. We steer residential schemes smoothly through the complex planning process, thanks to our knowledge of national and local planning laws and sustainability regulations as well as our specialist skills in public consultation and stakeholder engagement. We also help clients overcome land shortages, maximize the potential of developable land, minimize risk and create desirable homes.


From Retrofit to High-rise

Our projects, ranging from affordable housing complexes to high-end luxury facilities, include major city regeneration schemes, iconic high-rise developments, new sustainable towns and existing home retrofits.


Sustainable Residential Projects

Sustainable design that includes innovative building services engineering to ensure better environmental comfort and decrease energy expenses is becoming the standard. As sustainable design pioneers, we are involved in a number of high-profile residential and mixed-use developments that are energy-efficient and have a low-carbon footprint.


Covering All Areas of Residential Planning and Design

We provide multi-disciplinary expertise in all areas of residential planning, design and construction, including building engineering, city planning, economics, community engagement, site investigations, environmental consultancy, water management, sustainable transport solutions and infrastructure planning.

As experienced consultants in transport and infrastructure planning, design and delivery, we know how to create viable and popular developments where the number of housing units is balanced by the benefits of good accessibility, public transport links and attractive landscaping that incorporates green space and water management features.

As champions of the integrated design process, we are adept at leading entire design teams to ensure maximum effectiveness and efficiency, working in close cooperation with our clients from start to finish.