Retail is important for the economy and the health of towns and cities on every continent. While online shopping has already transformed the world’s largest retail markets, and will continue to do so, commercial centres still have a vital role to play as we move towards an "experience economy."

The Changing Face of Retail

When today’s customers visit shopping centres, they are looking for experiences that go well beyond traditional retail. The convenience of online shopping is leading malls to move toward a new kind of leisure proposition. For example, we provided engineering services for Mall of Egypt, a 190,000m² mall in Cairo that includes more than 400 shops and a snow park.

Shopping centres are becoming places where people go for a day out combining shopping with leisure, so they want more places to eat, drink and socialize. As a result, the percentage of food and beverage outlets is increasing. This new use of space means that structures and building services need to be adapted.

Shopping malls also need to offer constant novelty through changing mix of brands, food stops and organizing different events. This means that another defining characteristic of future shopping destinations will be their flexibility. Spaces will have to be adaptable to a multitude of uses. Public spaces between retail outlets are just as important, as they can bring more footfall to retailers.

Retailers must also embrace the experience economy. In addition to selling their goods in store, they need to reinforce their brand and showcase their products to enhance their online sales.

Expertise Across the Full Project Cycle

WSP delivers award-winning retail projects across the world, responding to the needs of investors, developers, retail clients and their customers. We focus on our clients’ commercial and business requirements, helping to create inspirational and innovative environments to attract customers and encourage them to make our client’s shopping venue their first choice.

Our services span the full project life cycle, from preliminary concept and master planning to design, implementation and aftercare. We are recognized experts in the asset management of existing malls, food stores and retail parks. Through our property services, we deliver high-quality, high-performance environments that prioritize comfort, safety and energy and resource efficiency. Through our transport expertise, we ensure that the parking lot design and access enhance the arrivals experience for customers.

Engineering Mall of Egypt


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