Solar Energy

Where direct sunlight is abundant in Canada, solar energy technologies are plentiful from coast to coast. Solar power, while traditionally, has been non-electric active solar system applications, more and more solar water heating systems today are put together for residential and commercial purposes. Solar power is steadily increasing in popularity and recent studies have indicated the potential to climb up to five percent in the country’s energy needs by the year 2025.

WSP has a full suite of solar expertise to support everything from conceptual design to detailed engineering and advisory services.

Distributed network - Local Support Throughout

Our staff includes Canadian solar specialists who have designed projects for some of the world’s leading renewable energy project developers. In addition, a distributed network of offices provides local support throughout Western Canada, Ontario and Quebec. This unique combination of specialized and localized support gives the ability to provide the full suite of services for solar photovoltaic projects from conceptual design, detailed engineering, and construction support. The WSP Power Group can count on experienced and skilled engineers in key fields such as civil, structural, electrical, geotechnical, mechanical, and hydraulic engineering, all focused closely on the solar sector. Additionally, our innovative and efficient documentation management system allows our team and our client’s time and effort savings, while maintaining the highest standard of Quality and Transparency.

We support small, mid-size, and large-scale solar power projects throughout Canada and around the world. We help you identify, establish and minimize risks associated with solar power projects. We advise on a range of environmental planning issues and we deliver a full suite of engineering design solutions to help develop highly effective solar power schemes including photovoltaic (PV) systems and solar thermal projects.

Experience and expertise

WSP’s solar energy group is enthusiastic about the growing use of this sustainable energy option in our communities and beyond. Our expert provides a complete range of engineering and environmental services for photovoltaic solar energy projects, from initial development and studies to design and services during construction. Our clients are solar developers, building owners and contractors.

Our expertise includes:

  • Solar Resource Assessment – modeling using PVSyst, calculation of net energy production, feasibility analysis, layout optimization
  • Technology comparisons
  • Environmental and permitting services – constraints, field studies, noise modeling, public and agency consultation, reports
  • Facility engineering – geotechnical, civil, stormwater, electrical, structural, contract documents, project management
  • Electrical design – utility interconnection studies, single line diagrams, modeling, collector system optimization, substation, grounding, protection and controls, metering, regulatory approvals, professional services during construction
  • Owner’s engineer, third-party reviews
  • Solar panel mounting system design
  • Foundation design
  • Civil engineering for site access
  • Commissioning.

Supporting Developers, Financiers, Contractors, Governments and Offtakers Alike

WSP offers expertise in solar energy engineering design, technical advisory and project delivery services to support manufacturers, developers, contractors, utility companies, owners, investors / lenders and governments in meeting the challenges faced in planning and executing solar projects. These can include accurately assessing energy yield, and developing electrical, civil / structural and control system engineering design and specifications, all the way through to performing strategic investigations on solar energy investments, preparing and reviewing power purchase agreements (PPAs), managing tendering process, managing and monitoring construction and commissioning of solar power plants, as well as monitoring performance and maintenance during the operational phase, and more.  

Our network of project managers, engineers, specialists and technicians have helped clients navigate through ever-changing regulatory requirements to secure required permits and approvals, conducted market research and grid interconnection studies and approvals, and advised on a range of environmental planning issues. We have delivered a full suite of engineering design solutions to help develop effective and robust solar power schemes, including utility-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) and concentrated solar power (CSP) power plants.