Bio-Industrial and Thermal Energy

Produced from renewable and biological sources, bioenergy accounts for approximately 6 percent of Canada’s total energy supply. It is an increasingly popular energy source with its capacity to convert biomass to energy and fuels that can be used in industry, transportation, agriculture and even residential heating. In Canada, we have a wealth of experience in a wide range of sectors such as calcination, graphitization, carburization, controlled oxidation, oxide reduction, purification, pyrolysis, drying, reduction, solid-solid reaction, gas-solid reaction, metalizing, debinding, and waste remediation.

WSP has amassed considerable experience and knowledge in bio energy and thermal gasification projects which demand a wide variety of skills from early conceptual studies, through the permit process and environmental impact assessment to the basic and detailed design of the plant. The design involves many disciplines such as process, automation, electrical, mechanical and structural engineering. We have the ability to contribute with structured and strong project management skills as well as advanced technical expertise.


Our range of experience of different techniques, process methodologies and applications allows us to deliver the right solution for effective results.


WSP has also developed a particular expertise in Industrial combustion processes such as steam and hot water boilers, cement and lime kilns, etc. Our expertise includes Burner Management Systems (BMS) and complete boiler/furnace pressure control, etc.).

In Canada, WSP experts provide services in cogeneration, combines cycle, district energy and energy-from-waste facilities. With specializations in design and engineering of steam turbines, gas turbines, engines, boilers, pressure piping and electrical systems, our multidisciplinary staff is committed to offering tailored solutions to meet our client’s unique project requirements.


Specialist Expertise for Improved Project Outcomes

We help energy companies prepare for conversion and expansion of their CHP and heating plants including fuel switching, changing operational conditions and capacity expansion. We also help identify and analyze the impact of future environmental requirements as per best available techniques (BAT).


We help our clients with feasibility studies that address environmental, technological and profitability requirements. We provide mechanical, electrical, instrument and piping design, process automation, preliminary layouts of buildings, location of equipment, pipes and ducting services.


We support our clients with tender documentation and procurement. Our experts have extensive experience in defining specifications to generate an effective tendering process.


We can provide detailed design that includes complete construction documents with isometrics, strength calculations for piping system and pressure equipment, stress calculations for concrete and construction steel as well as soil investigation reports. With experts in multidisciplinary project management, we can support in the commissioning phase as well as training for operational staff.


Services for Efficient and Holistic Solutions

The projects that we have previously worked range in size and technology: from 600 MW combined cycle power plant that uses gas turbines and steam turbines to district energy systems that uses engines, boilers and chillers.


Our expertise includes:

  • Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies;
  • Equipment condition evaluation;
  • Due diligence and third-party reviews;
  • Environmental studies, assessments and permits;
  • Assessment of alternative fuel sources;
  • Preliminary and detailed design;
  • Power system studies, utility interconnection studies;
  • Electrical interconnection design;
  • Thermal distribution system design (steam, hot water, chilled water);
  • Pre-start health and safety reviews;
  • Professional services during construction.