Extreme weather events and natural disasters are becoming more frequent and intense, and the climate policy landscape is evolving quickly. Further, the escalating and compounding impacts of climate change can cause unpredictable chain reactions across financial, social, and natural systems, resulting in trillions of dollars of damage and losses.

thn-Scenario analysis

Scenario Analysis

We analyze current and future trends in climate change, technology, society, and policy, to quantify potential impacts based on your geography, sector, and asset portfolio.

thn-Climate change modelling and projections

Climate Change Modelling and Projections

Our team of climate science experts can conduct an in-depth analysis of changing climate and weather conditions for your organization’s geography, asset distribution, business and service areas, community, and more.

thn-Impact assessment

Impact Assessment

We help you understand how future scenarios and trends will impact your business, operations, asset value, and communities.

thn-Risk and vulnerability assessment

Risk and Vulnerability Assessment

We evaluate climate-related risks and vulnerabilities to portfolios and organizations, including time horizon and magnitude of impact, and analyze the interdependent risks across social, economic, physical, and natural systems.

thn-Identifying opportunities

Identifying Opportunities

We help you unlock the opportunities associated with a changing climate and enhance the resilience of the communities where you operate.

thn-Managing risks

Managing Risks

We support you in embedding climate risk management into governance, strategy, and decision-making to reduce the impacts of climate risk on portfolios, assets, services and businesses.