Climate change represents a threat to the global financial system and could eliminate trillions of dollars' worth of value by the end of this century. Companies and investors will face operational disruptions from the physical impacts of extreme weather and climate change, and see their strategies influenced by the transition to a low-carbon economy. Industries with large infrastructure capital expenditures such as mining, oil and gas, manufacturing, hospitality and tourism, and power and utilities will be significantly impacted by climate risks. As a result, investors, regulators, and other stakeholders are increasingly asking for companies to disclose how they are managing climate-related risks and opportunities.


TCFD Services

Leveraging our experience with TCFD, we help you assess your current climate-related disclosures. Our proprietary benchmarking tool can help compare your disclosures to your peers and identify ways to enhance disclosures for your investors. We work with your business and stakeholders to prepare disclosures and to develop a 3- or 5-year roadmap to fully-fledged TCFD reporting.

thn-Scenario Analysis

Scenario Analysis

We assess physical and transition risks and opportunities across portfolios, focusing on factors such as sector, geography, and asset class. Our climate scientists can help identify the climate hazards that will impact your organization, your exposure to climate risks, and the vulnerability of your assets. Through our Future Ready program, we layer in considerations related to future economic and societal trends to help anticipate how the world may change during the transition to a low-carbon economy.

thn-Infrastructure Value-at-Risk

Infrastructure Value-at-Risk

We review risk to your physical assets such as buildings, public infrastructure, and large capital projects, and leverage climate science and economics to determine a value-at-risk to your infrastructure assets resulting from climate change.

thn-Climate Strategy and Resilience Planning

Enterprise-wide Climate Strategy and Resilience Planning

We develop a climate resilience strategy for investment portfolios, including actions that can mitigate the risk and cost of each option. We integrate climate into strategy, enterprise risk management, and decision-making to help you establish policies, procedures, and plans that account for climate change at all levels of operations.