Heritage Preservation and Renewal

WSP has more than 50 years’ experience working with heritage buildings. We have advised on structures and monuments of every classification in Canada, the United States and internationally.

We contribute to the advancement of heritage preservation and restoration by serving on the Board of Directors and committees of industry organizations such as the Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals (CAHP) and the Association for Preservation Technology.

Our Services

We are retained by clients to assess the condition of heritage structures and provide recommendations on appropriate repairs.

Clients also retain us to manage and review ongoing construction to confirm that the specified repairs are implemented in a manner that is not only technically correct but that minimizes the risk of disturbing the asset.

On many projects, WSP collaborates with heritage architects who design programs to preserve original finishes and other heritage features.


Practical Investigative Approach

Ours is a practical management approach. We balance the need for improved performance with many other factors, including cost, durability and physical appearance.

We start heritage conservation projects by understanding the client’s objectives for the property in the short, medium and long term. We review documentation that explains the construction and significance of the building.

Visiting the site allows us to explore and document the building’s current condition, performance and state of deterioration.

Our repair, restoration and renewal strategies are designed to address deficiencies while being as minimally invasive as possible so as to not significantly alter the building’s form and fabric.