Net Zero Buildings and Deep Retrofitting

Our team can help you design new buildings and plan for renovations and extensive retrofitting of existing buildings to achieve net zero energy/emissions and high performance resource efficiency. New or existing, our sustainability experts work closely with architects, building scientists and MEP engineers to provide integrated, whole-building solutions for the full project life-cycle.

Passive Design

We can help you maximize the potential for passive design, and improve your building performance without necessarily increasing the project budget. We apply modelling tools and best practice solutions in passive heating and cooling, daylight harvesting, and natural ventilation to provide tailored passive design and build solutions.

Whole Building Life-cycle Assessments (WBLCA) and Embodied Carbon

We consider the life-cycle of your buildings from the early stages of design through construction, operation, to demolition and disposal. We can help you assess the life-cycle impact of your building on the environment and the climate, developing strategies to reduce carbon emissions at every stage of your project’s life.


Progressive Building Standard Compliance

Our team can support you in compliance and approvals for Canada’s leading building codes and standards, such as the Toronto Green Standard, BC Energy Step Code, the Vancouver By-Law/Rezoning Policy, and more.

Our Expert

Mel de Jager
Vice President, Climate Change, Resilience & Sustainability