Water Engineering

Water plays a vital role in our society. While it is important to identify and mitigate potential risks like flooding and erosion, it is also important to protect and maintain our access to potable water, ways to generate hydroelectricity and support industries that rely on water. Water-related issues lie at the heart of industrial and urban development, energy production, environmental conservation, climate change adaptation and sustainable development.

Complete Services for Any Water Project

Our experts consider water implications across the entire development cycle, providing a complete perspective to enable efficient and effective designs. We identify issues in the early stages to optimize usage, spatial and master planning, to maximize land value, minimize project costs, and deliver sustainable long-term solutions for communities. Our water resource and maritime engineering specialists can also support your project.


Our Vision: Provide Industry-Leading Expertise and Innovation

Water is an essential part of our society, life and the environment we live in. Can we address the challenging water issues related to population growth, increased industrial development and energy production and climate change while at the same time balancing our responsibilities towards environmental conservation and sustainable development? Can we protect and maintain our access to potable water while finding ways to generate energy and support industries that rely on water?

At WSP, our water engineers understand the complexity and subtleties of dealing with water related issues. With a whole-lifecycle approach, our experts in hydrology, hydrotechnical engineering and coastal engineering deliver on all project types, across all sectors and phases. From industrial and mining intake and outfall, road and bridge stabilization, we have delivered projects from design to construction. With innovative solutions tailored to the needs of our clients, we are able to tap a wealth of complementary Canadian and international expertise in geotechnical engineering, biology, structural engineering, architecture, and more.

Experience and Expertise

Our specialists understand the complexity and subtleties of dealing with water-related issues. In order to support our clients throughout their project lifecycle—from studies to contracting to expertise—WSP offers services using a multidisciplinary approach leveraging years of experience and expertise in all fields of water engineering.

  • Studies (feasibility studies, regulatory studies, diagnostics and development planning, management strategies, etc.)
  • Prime contracting (engineering from preliminary concepts to detailed designed, preparation of plans and specifications, assisting prime contractors with consultations and company selection, overseeing work, etc.)
  • Expertise (hydrology, hydraulics, modelling, hydrometrics)
  • Clear, concise communication is at the core of how we work. We communicate clearly and concisely with clients to ensure that proposals fit their needs and that the project schedule remains on track.


Our areas of expertise include:

  • Hydrology
  • River hydraulic
  • Urban/industrial hydraulics
  • Environmental hydraulics
  • Ice hydraulics
  • Hydraulic structures
  • Bridges/linear infrastructure
  • Coastal engineering