Mine Infrastructure

Canadian mines represent some of the largest and most advanced infrastructure projects in the world. Our team of mining experts has completed several thousand projects related to mining infrastructure, from the largest headframes in the world to the deepest shafts and the most powerful sizing and handling systems.

Our services include design, procurement, and construction management for surface and underground infrastructure to support mine production and transport to surface. All our dedicated mining professionals are supported by designers and draftspersons of all engineering disciplines, and use the latest technology to deliver our services, on time and on budget.

Experience and expertise


  • Mine dewatering system
  • Ventilation system
  • Air distribution system
  • Fuel distribution system and station
  • Electrical distribution system and automation
  • Blasting system
  • Communication system
  • Surface and underground maintenance shop
  • Backfill plant
  • Backfill piping network
  • Design of mobile equipment (FOPS and others)
  • Fire protection system
  • Access roads & Site layout


  • Design of new structures
  • Relocation of existing installations
  • Capacity validation and restoration
  • Design of collar
  • Design of discharge structures
  • Design of chutes and bins
  • Service integration (ventilation, air, pumping, blasting,
  • power, communication and other systems)
  • Design of access roads and mining sites
  • Emergency assistance


  • Design and improvement of hoisting installations
  • Equipment evaluation and reconditioning
  • Equipment modeling with finite analysis software
  • Hoisting cycle and capacity calculations
  • Design of control systems
  • Commissioning


  • Sinking method selection
  • Design of steel frames
  • Design of required excavation
  • Design of access roads
  • Design of stations

Sinking Installations

  • Sinking hoists
  • Multi stage platform hoists
  • Multi stage platforms
  • Concrete formwork
  • Cursor and bucket
  • Discharge doors
  • Hoisting sheave platform
  • Overhead guard