Mobile Mapping

Mobile mapping involves the use of sophisticated 360° high resolution optical camera systems in combination with LiDAR data acquisition sensors that can be mounted on almost any type of vehicle. Terabytes of high resolution, high precision data can be collected rapidly with mobile mapping platforms. 

Like UAV data, the magic with mobile mapping data happens in the office when the raw data is processed. Advanced Geomatics technology uses sophisticated software to process the imagery and LiDAR data and assemble it into a virtual desktop based on the real world. Any number of features on the ground can then be captured and recorded from the data and stored in GIS and/or CAD-compatible formats for use in other workflows and/or distribution to wider user groups through web portals and GIS. Comprehensive and detailed asset management databases are often created from mobile mapping datasets.

WSP has conducted mobile mapping surveys for various clients and through collaboration with colleagues in Sweden, has access to specialized equipment and workflows that have been developed for mapping both roadway and rail-related infrastructure and creating comprehensive, geospatial asset databases.