Energy Transmission and Distribution

The efficient bulk transfer of electrical energy—from generating power plants to electrical substations to consumers—requires an impeccable strategy and know-how. No matter how small or large the project, our experts provide multidisciplinary services at all project stages including planning, permitting, conceptual and detailed design of transmission and distribution networks.

We have a long track record supporting utilities clients on transmission and distribution (T&D) projects through their lifecycle. We facilitate the procedures for the generation and transmission of energy, from its source to the communities, in a safe, sustainable, and efficient manner.

Our specialist project managers, designers, engineers and environmental consultants provide a range of expertise for substation and overhead line projects spanning site and route optioneering; engineering environmental feasibility and constraints; planning consent support; grid connection support; civil and electrical engineering design; smart grid solutions; and scenario analysis for sustainable energy systems for new urban areas.


High and Extra High Voltage Substation Design

We have extensive experience in high and extra high voltage substation design. We are experts in the procurement and project management of new substations and associated infrastructure. We advise on extensions or refurbishments of existing substations and transformer bund works. Our expertise includes network studies; full secondary design; engineering design coordination and project management; environmental impact assessments; transport analysis; planning of electrical networks; architectural design services and fire engineering.

Overhead Route Design

We support front-end planning and environmental issues on proposed OHL (overhead line) schemes including permit applications; planning of infrastructure and electrical systems; power facility design and infrastructure; and electrical networks and communication.

We use PLS-CADD industry leading software as an integrated design and analysis tool, employing sophisticated three-dimensional terrain and engineering modelling to design and analyze all aspects of route selection. Our expertise covers three core engineering design elements:

  • Selection of the OHL route, taking into account route topography, available locations for OHL towers, tower and insulator capacities and cable clearances
  • Structural design of the towers and other supporting structures under operational and environmental loadings arising from the proposed OHL route
  • Cable design and selection


Experience and expertise

Our clients are utility companies, private sector energy developers and contractors for whom developing a sound strategy is an important first step towards success. That is why we offer the following services tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients:

  • Strategic development plans; master plans; system planning including interconnection studies and network system modelling; modelling (PLS-CADD, PLS-POLE, PLS-TOWER, L-PILE, EMTP, CDEGS, PSS/E, DigSILENT, CYME, etc.); protection and control, SCADA, dispatching, grounding, static and transient system analysis, arc-flash studies; electromagnetic field evaluation;
  • Route selection; prefeasibility and feasibility studies including environmental and social impact assessments and relocation action plan; environmental and permitting services; construction supervision; commissioning and testing; and
  • Conceptual and detailed design of transmission lines, structures and foundations; planning and design of distribution and collector systems; planning, conceptual design of substations.