Provide users with cleaning status updates of public facilities and assets to help re-start local economies in a world after COVID-19.

Public-facing services with high-touch surfaces and high-traffic areas need to rebuild public confidence to get people moving and re-entering workspaces, buildings and transit facilities.

To close the confidence gap, WSP created SaniVue™, an innovative cloud-based platform that provides organizations with the ability to track, audit, and promptly communicate asset cleaning and maintenance schedules to users. This easy-to-use tool is leading the way in delivering contactless, real-time updates for both internal management and the public. Users can access the platform via smartphone or tablet to see a dashboard with timely snapshots of how recently a bus, streetcar, restaurant, school, store or hotel room has been sanitized and make informed decisions while maintaining their peace of mind.

SaniVue™ enables your organization to comply with health and safety standards, communicate quality assurance to end-users, and re-build public confidence around sharing public facilities and assets. It provides two dashboards, one for the internal audience and another for the public, through which users can obtain information relevant to their needs.

img-Admin Dashboard

The internal administrative dashboard grants cleaning staff, owners and operators access to the following features:

  • View custom cleaning checklists tailored to the organization’s standard operating procedures
  • Input cleaning data
  • Audit cleaning service
  • Monitor timely updates on all assets (i.e.: timestamp, cleaning services completed, name of cleaning staff, compliance status)
  • Export organized data

img-User Dashboard

The public dashboard is designed to present end-users with access to the following features, which provide transparency and updates regarding the status of cleaning assets:

  • Cleaning record (with time data included)
  • List of cleaning services completed (Standard Operating Procedure)


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Build public confidence

SaniVue™ presents public users hesitant in using public transit and public facilities with transparent data about the cleanliness and maintenance of buildings and assets, providing timely status updates and visibility of cleaning schedules.


Easy to use

The cloud-based solution is compatible with all internet-connected mobile devices and does not require you to download or install complex programs. Staff and public users can access the software to view timely maintenance updates in an easy-to-understand visual format.


Improved productivity

SaniVue™ provides cleaning staff and administration with a checklist of cleaning services required for all assets. Staff can easily access the software to ensure all mandated services are regularly completed.



SaniVue™ is a monthly subscription-based smart solution with features that can be configured to meet different Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s). The maintenance checklist can be easily customized to fit your needs and objectives.


Centralized data management

SaniVue™ provides agencies convenient and comprehensive monitoring of cleaning across all assets as well as the ability to audit the condition of assets and export data.


Visibility of Cleaning and Contactless Status

Cleaning staff and admins can access SaniVue™ on their personal mobile devices and avoid contact through shared devices (like a communal logbook or computer), which is often the case with manual cleaning logs.

Let’s get moving back to public spaces, together.

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