Climate Adaptation and Resiliency

It is now clear that our climate is changing, with important impacts for businesses, governments, and whole economies, both in the near-term and for decades to come. 



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We are facing increased temperatures, changing precipitation patterns, sea-level rise, and more frequent and intense severe weather events. For example, water scarcity due to climate change has caused some companies to halt production, severely impacting the speed to market of their products. These emerging realities are leading more and more of our clients to realize that they must act within their spheres of influence to assess and mitigate these risks while driving aggressively toward a lower-carbon economy. At WSP, we operate at the intersection of science, engineering and strategic management to help you future-proof your operations by preparing for this changing climate.

Finite resources used for preparedness must be deployed with maximum efficiency, focused on the most critical assets and consistent with your organization’s mission and business objectives. Optimal risk remediation and preparedness actions must rely on process improvements where possible and advanced engineering when necessary. WSP undertakes a practical and repeatable process that balances our strategic and engineering capabilities to generate an implementable solution.

Forecast Impacts:
We review and synthesize the most recent and reliable climate science literature to characterize the potential localized impacts on affected assets.

Vulnerability Assessment:
We evaluate which assets are at risk, the nature of that risk, the criticality to client operations, and the likelihood of exposure.

Cost Appraisal:
We consider the economic costs (including value at risk), loss of safety and security, threats to human health, and mortality that may result should the relevant assets be compromised

Risk Remediation Planning:
For those assets that are both vulnerable and critical based on the cost appraisal, we develop a risk remediation plan that may include business process alterations or new and modified infrastructure.

Risk Remediation Implementation:
We begin with least-cost business process improvements, ensuring early wins and building an organizational framework that will support the needed investments in resiliency.

Our climate preparedness services are integrated with a wide range of related technical expertise within WSP. Our team includes specialists in sustainability strategy, GHG and resource management, sustainable energy, sustainable products and supply chain, as well as expertise in environmental engineering.


Green Community Services

Finding solutions that maximize the value of city planning and building - now and for future generations - is core to our business. WSP is recognized as an innovative facilitator and partner for community development strategy. Taking a holistic approach, we develop strategies that optimize the performance of communities, buildings and infrastructure. This allows our clients to make more informed decisions from options that might not have otherwise been considered.

Green Development Standards and Policies:
We have helped create and implement green development standards and environmental master plans for municipalities across Canada. Our services include advising on benchmarking and policy development, delivering educational sessions, assessing energy and environmental options, and developing green standards for procurement and operations. Working with municipal planning departments, we help municipalities establish benchmarks and develop targets to measure success. Focusing on energy, land use, air quality, water use, and green infrastructure such as storm water management, we help define and set metrics for site-specific sustainability drivers.

Community Energy and District Energy Plans:

WSP has completed energy plans and sustainability frameworks for communities across Canada. In developing community energy plans, we provide direction as to which energy supply options and conservation measures will best meet the municipality’s energy conservation and GHG emissions reduction targets.

We have also completed community energy models to evaluate the energy and carbon intensity of options for proposed redevelopment of communities in transition. Municipalities have also engaged us to evaluate the viability of District Energy plans.