Wastewater Treatment and Collection Systems

WSP is a Canadian leader in providing multi-disciplinary wastewater engineering services and delivering global solutions based on an integrated project approach. Our team includes Process, Structural, Electrical, Instrumentation & Control, and Mechanical resources that are specialized for wastewater projects. 



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At WSP, we work hand in hand with our clients to protect the environment through process selection and design cost efficient conveyance and treatment methods for wastewater generated within the community.


Our wastewater treatment business sector is primarily focused on serving the needs of local governments ranging from large cities to remote communities across Canada and internationally. WSP is Client focused and understands the specific needs and project requirements, from wastewater characterization, the effects nutrients have, when released to surface water catchments to innovative solutions for process optimization and energy efficiency.


WSP brings over 150 years of experience, enabling us to build a broad spectrum of expertise suited for the requirements of multidisciplinary water projects. The team contains a balance of theoretical and practical experience in Process, Civil, Structural, Electrical, Instrumentation & Control, and Mechanical resources through to construction management, commissioning and operations. All projects are managed to completion, providing hands-on quality control and contract administration to ensure an acceptable outcome with respect to performance and cost control.


In today’s stringent regulatory environment keeping abreast of emerging technologies to best treat contaminants, as well as complex solids management strategies is becoming increasingly important.


Our experience with Integrated resource recovery, allows us to refocus our approach to treatment design from one that consumes energy and chemicals to a sustainable process that can provide a source of energy, though biogas production or a combined heat and power, through to providing resources such as compost or phosphate recovery.


Furthermore using our water treatment experience, WSP can provide expertise on water reuse and aquifer reinjection.

Process Selection

WSP is very knowledgeable in all forms of wastewater treatment, from conventional activated sludge process, anammox, biological nutrient removal and granular sludge treatment as well as membrane treatment, thermal hydrolysis, digestion and incineration.


Centre of Excellence

WSP has two centers of excellence in Canada that provide multidisciplinary services to the smaller local offices that provide the Client facing services, that ensure the projects needs and satisfaction are achieved. Each center keeps up with global technology through our extensive global network that are at the forefront of undertaking process evaluations and innovated designs.


Sewer Design and Construction

Our Linear Infrastructure team has been responsible for the design and construction administration of sanitary sewers ranging from small diameter collector sewers, to large diameter tunneled trunk sewers. We also have extensive experience in the design of sewer upgrade projects, having delivered several large contracts for the City of Toronto’s Basement Flooding Prevention Program. This program includes the design and construction of upgrades to sanitary, storm and combined sewers throughout neighborhoods to eliminate basement flooding effects from extreme storm events.