Drinking Water Treatment

We believe development of a cost effective and sustainable supply of safe drinking water is of fundamental importance to the health and economic wellbeing of all communities. At WSP, we work hand in hand with our clients to provide safe, secure and reliable drinking water solutions to consumers. 

Our Water treatment business sector is primarily focused on serving the needs of local governments ranging from large cities to Indigenous communities across Canada. WSP is Client focused and understands the specific needs and project requirements, from water quality characterization to innovated, highly efficient solutions to complex problems.


WSP brings over 150 years of experience, enabling us to build a broad spectrum of expertise suited for the requirements of multidisciplinary water projects. The team contains a balance of theoretical and practical experience in Process, Civil, Structural, Electrical, Instrumentation & Control, and Mechanical resources through to construction management, commissioning and operations. All projects are managed to completion, providing hands-on quality control and contract administration to ensure an acceptable outcome with respect to performance and cost control.


Today’s stringent regulatory environment and the identification of emerging contaminants of concern makes selection of the most appropriate treatment technology increasingly important. WSP’s team offers the enthusiasm of our young engineers combined with the decades of experience of our technical leaders. This combination has allowed us to reinvent older technologies through the innovation of the young inquisitive minds, to deliver a truly sustainable solutions that meet the needs of our clients well into the future.

Process Selection and Piloting

WSP is very knowledgeable in conventional water treatment process’s as well as reverse osmosis, advanced oxidation, coagulation efficiency, polyacrylamide monomer destruction, high rate thickening, operations, energy efficiency, taste, odour and toxins.


Centre of Excellence

WSP has two centers of excellence in Canada that provide multidisciplinary services to the smaller local offices that provide the Client facing services, that ensure the projects needs and satisfaction are achieved. Each center keeps up with global technology through our global network.