Transitioning to Zero Emission technology

A guide to ensuring a smooth transition towards future-ready public transit

In the midst of abundant scientific evidence suggesting that carbon emissions are changing our climate in ways that will damage the environment and create economic distress, public demand for a transition to a zero emission (ZE) world is placing the burden on the shoulders of governments and private businesses around the globe to address this crisis by adjusting their operations.

 Harnessing the collective expertise and experiences of its professionals around the world, WSP has prepared this white paper as a blueprint designed to help prepare transit providers for the many challenges ahead, and to highlight areas where expert guidance can help pave the road to a smooth transition. This paper captures the broad complexities of the ZE transition by focusing on four major elements of ZE technology adoption: comprehensive Planning, a systems approach to Procurement, adapting to new forms of Energy provision, and the organizational challenge of Change Management.

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