Ionbond, headquartered in Switzerland, has very high requirements regarding the quality of its products as well as the services of its consultants. The technical competences regarding EHS must be provided in different countries worldwide. National and local legislation, local peculiarities as well as international good practice and Ionbond EHS company policies must be considered.


  • Zürich, Switzerland


  • IHI Ionbond AG

Project Status

  • Ongoing since 2013

In close cooperation with Ionbond in Zurich, WSP is managing the project and coordinating all tasks that are performed. We were able to achieve a consistently high quality of advice, which is constantly being evaluated by Ionbond. Reports are generated in a web tool developed by WSP, with Ionbond Management able to measure the progress of EHS management at the various production sites.

Our Approach

WSP Deutschland manages the project, coordinates the local teams and all necessary activities and conducts audits in the locations.

  • WSP Deutschland AG manages the global EHS compliance audits, the local expertise is provided by WSP specialists or experts from the WSP network. The collected data, risk ratings and recommendations were recorded in an electronic EHS system developed by WSP Natlikan, reported and the follow-up of the recommendations documented.
  • For each country, an EHS "Legal Register" is created during the audit, which is specific to the activities. This service is provided by the experts of WSP NATLIKAN (Sweden) and also provided in the form of a web tool.
  • In tracking follow-up recommendations identified during the audits, site managers can also access WSP expertise and get advice on implementation.