RUAG Hall 9

The Swiss Federal Company RUAG AG created a new production hall with its space department RUAG Space.


  • Emmen - Switzerland

Project Value

  • Project value

Project Status

  • Completed in 2015

Externally, the 17-meter-high hall appears simple but inside it is equipped with high technology. Here, payload panels for rockets are manufactured. Among other things, its launchers will deliver satellites to space for the European Space Agency ESA.

The highly complex processess in production require very high demands on the climate in the assembly hall. Wirthensohn AG member of WSP has designed, planned and implemented the building service for the entire hall.  

The humidity and the temperature of the room can be controlled precisely with an air-operated ventilation. Sufficient fresh air is added to the requirements. While cooling is guaranteed with its own cooling system, heat is supplied by the RUAG Space area transmission line. The assembly hall is heated by radiant ceiling panels.  

The MEP of the assembly hall and the social rooms are controlled by a building automation system which is also connected to the higher-level control system of RUAG.

5.600 m² 5.600 m²
17 m 17 m

RUAG Halle 9