Our 2019-2021 Global Strategic Plan outlines how we will be expanding our horizons to build the premier professional consultancy in our industry by the end of the strategic cycle.

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WSP’s purpose is to future-proof our cities and environment. Through our understanding of our clients’ needs and as their strategic partner of choice, we will fulfil our role by providing forward-thinking advice and unparalleled expertise to help our clients succeed in a changing world, all while benefiting our communities.

2021 Horizon: What financial success could look like

Net revenues*
$8B to $9B $8B to $9B
Annual net revenue growth (organic and acquisitions)*
>10% >10%
Adjusted EBITDA Margin*+
14.0% to 15.0% 14.0% to 15.0%
Days sales outstanding (DSO)*
< 80 < 80
Net Debt/Adjusted EBITDA*+
1.0 x to 2.0x 1.0 x to 2.0x
65k 65k

*Non-IFRS measures

+Revised to reflect the adoption of IFRS 16- Leases

2021 Horizon: What strategic success could look like

Our Pillars

To attain our strategic plan objectives, we will continue to evolve our foundational pillars, namely our Clients, People & Culture, Operational Excellence and Expertise. Over the next strategic cycle, bringing the “best of WSP” to our clients will be at the centre of everything we do. It is for this reason that our client pillar is at the heart of our strategy.


The client relationship on which WSP built its reputation is evolving. To continue to bring tangible value to our public and private sector clients, we are building our service offering on our ability to understand and adapt to changing needs while creating long-lasting value for our communities. Over this strategic cycle, we will nurture our client relationships, to epitomize the gold standard of client experience in our industry.


WSP’s reputation is founded on the work of our people and their devotion to our clients and communities. Our long-term goal remains “to be recognized as the best and most rewarding professional consultancy for which to work”; to achieve this, we must provide our people with an environment to deliver to their full potential. In pursuit of our goal, we will continue to make extraordinary efforts to attract, lead, develop and retain the best professionals.


At the end of this strategic cycle, we aspire to be the premier professional consultancy in our industry, consistently bringing value to our clients as their strategic partner. This value can result from many advantages, including our geographic presence, market leadership, global mobility and diversity of expertise. The end result: we are able to meet the most complex needs of our clients - no matter when or where they arise.


Operational excellence is about creating value for our stakeholders by strengthening our organization and assessing how we can constantly improve operations, while remaining accountable. In this way, we aim to operate effectively in order to achieve the highest standards of client service and project delivery. A well-run, profitable business that generates industry-leading margins will enable increased investment in our other pillars.