Digital and Technology Services

Internet of Things (IoT) is by far one of the most disruptive yet groundbreaking evolutions in our society today. As this significant technological advancement offers a unique opportunity to improve the way we live, commute, and travel, it sheds a new light on how property and infrastructure owners need to adapt and embrace the change.


How is Technology Transforming our World for the Better?

WSP is committed to being the leader in all property and infrastructure-related components for smart and connected systems, offering both policy and technical support to public and private clients and acting as the liaison between owners and the emerging technologies.

The technology for cars exists today to detect hazards, notify the driver or automatically react, minimizing accidents. Bridges can be instrumented to transmit data related to structural integrity, avoiding bridge failures. Buildings can include sensors to monitor operating systems. For example, sensors can quickly identify leaking ceilings that would need prompt resolution. The proper sequence of actions will be triggered to minimize any additional risk to the building structure, sustainability, or continued occupancy. Today, sensors gather huge amounts of data; cloud-based apps translate that data into useful intelligence and transmit it to machines on the ground, enabling mobile, real-time responses. We can help integrate technology, capture the data, and turn it into action for end users.

WSP approaches data as a strategic business asset, with the objective to optimize data intelligence through the creation of value-added assets and solutions for our clients. With increasingly big and complex data sets and the capabilities of data analysis tools, development of new processes and technologies has accelerated to help organizations capture, store, analyze, search, share and visualize raw data. To meet clients’ needs, WSP has developed Lattice, a powerful digital innovation platform where clients can harness the power and potential of data sources to answer their complex questions. With Lattice, we create bespoke, self-updating apps, creating tools to do exactly what clients need.

Technology applications are expanding into all aspects of our society and their impact is profound, as cities, buildings, and infrastructure become ever smarter, with solutions for smart mobility, smart security, smart healthcare, smart governance, and many more becoming commonplace.


Locally Dedicated with International Scale

Actively involved in the cities and countries we are based in, our teams leverage lessons learned and best practices from one another to offer the best solution.


WSP is committed to being the leader in all property and infrastructure-related components for smart and connected systems.

World-class Technology Services

WSP aims to be recognized as a global innovator in the integrated use of software to enhance engineering, infrastructure, buildings, and environmental projects.