On 11 December 2015, the 2015 Autodesk Industry Advisory Board (AIAB) Annual Conference was held in Hong Kong. 

WSP Associate Director & Regional Senior BIM Manager, China and acting Chairman of Autodesk Industry Advisory Board Simon Ng welcomes delegates at the AIAB Conference. 


The meeting united the city’s Building Information Modelling (BIM) experts from the building and construction industry to share insights and experience. The event is one of the best opportunities for local practitioners to network and get the latest on how BIM is benefiting and changing the construction industry globally.

Opening remarks were delivered by our Associate Director & Regional Senior BIM Manager Simon Ng, who has also been acting Chairman of AIAB for the past year.

  • Project presentations from this year’s BIM award winners.

  • Presentations on innovative uses of BIM.

  • Focused reviews on the theme, The Future of Making Things.

AIAB’s mission is to act as the bridge between local practitioners and Autodesk, ensuring that the software bundle evolves in step with the needs of the design profession. For more details on AIAB’s activities and programs, please visit: www.aiab.org