Everyone has talent and companies need to provide a platform for development to enable their people to achieve their fullest potential. – Ivy Kong, Asia CEO 


CEO for WSP in Asia, Ms Ivy Kong, was recently featured in The CEO Magazine, where she spoke about the firm’s people-centric culture, the importance of her team, as well as their personal and professional development – all these, she believes are critical to the firm’s continued success.  

Ivy also highlighted the role of communication – whether with clients or among colleagues – as critical to the work that her team does at WSP. It is through constant and open communication that staff and clients can be actively engaged on deeper level, thus, enabling the opportunity to deliver exceptional quality and value, and further strengthen existing relationships. 

In the same vein, Ivy believes that attracting and retaining talent is central to WSP’s success. “I want to further build a culture where my team is not only excited to come to work but also about what they do. This, I feel, is imperative to maintaining our continued success,” said Ivy.   

Speaking on women in the engineering industry, Ivy hopes to inspire more women to join the field through professional mentorship. 

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