Performance and Process Improvement at Sydney Water Corporation

Performance and Process Improvement at Sydney Water Corporation + Implementing a new approach to asset maintenance planning and scheduling


  • Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


  • Sydney Water Corporation

Project Status

  • Completed in 2012

Implementing a new approach to asset maintenance planning and scheduling

Mechanical Electrical Delivery (MED) at Sydney Water Corporation was experiencing a high volume of breakdown maintenance jobs, resulting in a reactive approach to maintenance, a frustrated team, inefficiency in delivery of the maintenance task and additional maintenance costs to the group.

WSP worked with the MED team to shift from a reactive to preventive approach to maintenance, through identifying and implementing improvements to the scheduling and planning processes.

The scope of support entailed:

  • Documenting the planning process

  • Facilitating training sessions on the process

  • Supporting process implementation

A Solution-oriented Approach

WSP designed and implemented a new approach to planning and scheduling mechanical and electrical asset maintenance to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the group’s maintenance activities. The engagement involved mapping the scheduling and planning process in its current state, identifying areas for improvement, defining and documenting a new improved process (direction/objective, tasks, tools and systems, roles and responsibilities), developing a plan for implementation, and developing supporting communications, information and training programs and materials.

Underpinning this was a stakeholder engagement program that kicked off from day one, building internal ownership and understanding of the new way of working.

An in-depth training and development program prior to going live gave staff the skills and knowledge to adopt the new process. After going live, a coaching and support program was implemented to ensure that staff could successfully apply the new process. In order to ensure continuous improvement, a review process delivered through hands-on review and improvement workshops commenced, and continued for a short period after going live.

Our team delivered the following:

  • Process Design

  • KPI Design

  • Stakeholder Assessment

  • Change Management Support

  • Training

  • Implementation Support

Proactive Support for Client Needs

The project delivered improvements to scheduling capability in the business, and supported a proactive approach to maintenance.

The project had a strong focus on developing the management capability in the MED group. The WSP team worked in partnership with MED managers and coached them on the improvement process, including how to successfully deliver training and coaching to their staff.