Systematic transport study for construction of the Wuxi High Speed Rail Station


This project was a systematic transport study to provide support for construction of the Wuxi High Speed Rail Station (WXHSRS), which is one of the 21 stations of a 1300-kilometre-long HSR line between Beijing and Shanghai, China.

Due to its speed of 350 kilometres per hour, WXHSRS has become the most competitive mode for inter-city travel distance less than 700 kilometres. Therefore, the station is planned as a new intercity hub of  Wuxi City, which provides a multi-mode transfer among WXHSRS, local subway, local bus, private car, taxi, tour bus and long-distance coach, as well as the transfer between WXHSRS and Wuxi Airport, which serves Suzhou City, Changzhou City and other nearby cities of  the Yangtze Delta area.

WXHSRS is 15 kilometres from Wuxi central city, and a total of 45 square kilometres of land centred around the station has been planned as a new development area. The project offers comprehensive transport planning for the whole development area, as well as for the WXHSRS.

The planning and design included:

  • Traffic demand forecasts

  • Identifying the areas for different transport mode facilities

  • The layout for different transport mode facilities

  • Traffic-circulation design

  • The inbound/outbound road network planning

  • The elevated expressway planning between the HSR station and central city of Wuxi