Time, urbanization and the ever-increasing need for new infrastructure bring about changes to our landscape and building structures. WSP works to identify, protect, manage and future proof heritage buildings and archaeological sites.

We help our clients make informed decisions for the future of their historically significant buildings and cultural heritage landscapes. Through rigorous questioning, research, development and innovation, we use appropriate technology and design to seek solutions that anticipate future changes while retaining architectural integrity.

Integrated solutions

We look for ways to sensitively incorporate sustainable solutions, such as rainwater recycling and passive thermal design. On heritage building projects, we seek ways to make use of leading edge technology solutions without impacting the building’s unique characteristics.

Global expertise

WSP has advised on archaeological sites, landscapes, structures, and monuments globally, coordinating heritage requirements with structural and seismic engineering where required. Our experts understand international, national, local planning policy and best practice, and can advise clients on compliance at all stages of a project. We liaise extensively with the public, local architectural conservation advisory committees, and other stakeholders.

We can help to identify and mitigate developmental impacts and conserve cultural heritage resources across the world, delivering solutions that respect the environmental, aesthetic, cultural, and historical values that shape our communities and their collective identities. 

In New Zealand, we helped to maintain and enhance the heritage value of the Cambridge Town Hall, a Category Class II building.

Our Archeology and Heritage services include:


  • Property and built heritage assessment
  • Cultural Resource Management
  • Special Places
  • Archaeological Overview Assessments
  • Archaeological Inventory or Surveys
  • Archaeological impact assessments, inventory/surveys, overview assessments
  • Implementation of Mitigation Strategies
  • Archaeological Analysis
  • Monitoring the Condition of Archaeological Resources
  • Master Plan Development

Built Heritage and Cultural Heritage Landscapes

  • Conservation design and engineering 
  • Architectural design 
  • Built Heritage Assessments
  • Heritage Streetscape Revitalization and Design
  • Heritage urban design and masterplan development
  • Cultural Heritage Landscape Surveys, Analysis, Research, and Evaluation
  • Historic Site Restoration
  • Cultural Heritage Landscape Design and Restoration

Heritage Planning

  • Heritage Planning Policy;
  • Heritage Conservation District Studies and Plans


  • Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • Augmented Reality
  • 3D Modeling
  • Laser Scanning