With the advancement of electronic toll collection systems, free-flow tolling has paved the way to greater safety and mobility, while maintaining a valuable source of funding for construction and maintenance on our highways.

While tolling is a highly effective strategy for dealing with some of today’s most pressing transportation issues, its rapid evolution requires powerful technological solutions and increasingly complex financing and operational strategies for long-term return on investment.

Putting Our Experience to Work for You

WSP is a pioneer in the implementation of toll facilities, with a long history of supporting the implementation and operation of toll facilities around the world. From the innovative Swedish and London Congestion Charging programs, to the US and Canadian tolled managed lanes, WSP has been at the forefront of the most challenging and successful toll strategies. Our work has included the design and implementation of toll facilities at a local level all the way to support of legislative and policy guidance within national governments.

WSP addresses the implications of tolling from unique perspectives, having served as equity owner of the South Bay Expressway in California, the state's first toll road built as a PPP; operator of back-office toll operations for E-470 in Colorado, the first use of electronic toll collection on a toll road in the U.S.; and, lead developer for the first networks of tolled managed lanes in California, Colorado, and Ontario. That experience provides us with a thorough understanding of the complexities of ownership, enabling us to deliver comprehensive solutions to our clients. Supporting the bold visions of our public and private clients, WSP’s expertise helps ensure efficient planning, financing, implementation, and operation of toll roads in the 21st century.

Taranto: Powering Efficient Tolling Operations

WSP uses Taranto SaaS software to support free-flow tolling operations, enabling clients to focus on more efficient customer service.  

Taranto is a web-enabled user interface that allows back-office staff to view and action a case, typically a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN), as it progresses through its lifecycle. Its built-in automated processes free-up users to focus on other areas of customer service. The solution is highly automated and fully customizable, generating significant efficiencies in any back-office operation.

For example, the physical barriers at the Dartford Crossing have been removed and replaced with a free-flow tolling mechanism. Vehicles seamlessly drive through the area as their number plates are checked by Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras. Those who do not make any form of payment (users of the crossing have the option to become members of the DartTag scheme or make a single payment online or over the phone) are passed to the Taranto system so payment can be requested. The scheme was introduced in November 2014.


Traffic Support

Taranto: Parking Operations

Taranto use in parking operations demonstrates its functionality beyond PCN issuance software. The solution encompasses permits, street furniture management, highways licensing, fixed penalty notices, and CCTV. Taranto also includes internal pre-debt registration tools and links to regional and national debt recovery agencies, minimizing the cost of pursuing debt and maximizing successful collections.

Taranto is used by government agencies to issue and process more than 5mn Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) a year. Tickets enter the back-office system instantaneously after being recorded on the street, trigging the back-office system to access personal details associated with Vehicle Registration via integrating with a third-party system (DVLA). Taranto automatically progresses the PCN through the relevant legislative path sending out appropriate statutory notices and increasing the level of debt owing with each day of non-payment. Any ad-hoc correspondence is exchanged and a range of integrated payment channels are provided to allow the debt to be cleared. Should this not be the case then the system exchanges data with various third-party enforcement agents to recover the debt.

The powerful functionality of Taranto includes:

  • Automated back-office processes
  • A customizable user-interface
  • An integrated, intelligent workflow system
  • Real-time GPS tracking software to monitor health, safety and whereabouts of deployed assets
  • Advanced reporting and management information applications
  • Mobile and tablet device software integration
  • Options for customizable web-facing solutions to interact with members of the public

Through developing and delivering the market-leading software, the Taranto team offer experience in:

  • Systems integration
  • Data hosting
  • IT project management
  • Parking and highways consultancy
  • Windows and Android application development
  • Website design
  • Software design and bespoke application development