Accelerating the midlands engine

The Midlands Engine provides the strong growth narrative and ambition needed to underpin long term planning and development. From HS2 to major new urban communities to east-west connectivity, we're proud to be translating vision into delivery. With the spotlight approaching, it's time to galvanise momentum and ensure the region capitalises on the once-in-a-generation opportunity of infrastructure investment and global profile.

Our commitment to the Midlands

With major events such as the Commonwealth Games and the City of Culture, and a growing recognition that the success of the Midlands is key to wider UK devolution, there is an unprecedented opportunity to deliver a step change in the region's potential. See how we're delivering housing, improving connectivity and designing a low carbon future to support the Midlands Engine’s vision for growth, in the interactive map below.

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1. Unlocking housing delivery

As the region becomes a beacon for those seeking to match great opportunity with great quality of life, how can we meet the Midlands Engine's target of 600,000 new homes in the next 15 years to keep up with demand? We're here to accelerate delivery, whilst planning, designing and engineering communities that can thrive.

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2. A step change in transport connectivity

The Midlands is at the heart of the UK's transport network, so how can its connectivity be improved to benefit not just the Midlands, but the productivity of every region which surrounds it? As well as delivering HS2, we're working strategically to unlock transformative investment in transport across both east and west Midlands, as well as international gateways and hubs, such as Birmingham Airport

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3. Designing a low carbon future

Global and national legislation is setting a clear policy path towards a low carbon future but what role can locally-driven decarbonisation play? Cities and towns across the Midlands are setting their own pathways to become 'zero carbon'. From innovative forms of energy like hydrogen, to ensuring the region is at the frontier of low carbon, next generation transport tech, we're committed to a low carbon future Midlands.

As the Midlands continues to attract investment and becomes a magnet for growth opportunities, it’s critical that we have joined-up thinking as this will shape places for years to come.
Ian Liddell Managing Director, Planning and Advisory

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Key data

size of the economy in the Midlands:
£217bn £217bn
No. of new homes the midlands engine AIMS to deliver OVER the next 15 years:
600,000 600,000
Billions that could be added to UK economy, if the midlands could match the Uk's average gva:
£54bn £54bn

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