Connecting London’s people and places

At WSP, we have years of experience connecting London’s people and places, shaping the skyline and getting major projects off the ground.

WSP develops pioneering and sustainable solutions that keep London running today, and in the future. From designing a busy Zone 1 station to planning a zebra crossing in a suburban street, we understand that every place has its own set of unique needs, challenges and opportunities.

Our people, with their international and UK experience, navigate complexity to make London’s places thrive.

Read on to discover more about how we’re working to make London a Future Ready city.

Change Re/action

Future Mobility is about more than transport and technology, it’s about people and places. It is more than movement, it’s also about access to activities and opportunities. It’s not just about the future, it is about the now.

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Out of thin air

With the debate around London housing still as fervent as ever, how do we move from rhetoric to action when it comes to creating sustainable long-term solutions for growth?

Read our ‘Out of thin air’ report to find out more

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London Bridge Quarter

WSP has transformed the London Bridge Quarter, an area that includes one of the city’s busiest stations and The Shard, into a destination transport hub fit for a Future Ready city.

Read how we worked to better connect London with the South East, as well as stories from the people who made it happen.

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Net Zero railways

Rail is crucial to achieving the UK’s net zero targets, which means that the network must be resilient, efficient and future ready. At WSP, our people and technology are at the heart of transforming the UK’s rail system.

Read more to find out how we’re working to make rail travel the mode of choice for everyone

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Rail Systems Integration

Whether embarking on a new transport scheme or keeping a programme on track, Systems Integration is needed to manage the vast amount of information, the coordination of systems and the stakeholders involved in every effort.

Read more to find out how we’re making the most of the proven SI:D3 approach to managing megaprojects.

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Using Project 13 to transform infrastructure delivery

We believe that building relationships with delivery partners which are based on shared goals and values is key to transforming how the UK’s infrastructure is delivered - Future Ready and fit for the 21st century.

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Offsite manufacture: Aviation

Read more about the ways we’re using offsite construction to solve some of the unique challenges that come with working in an airport environment.
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Offsite manufacture: Roads

Offsite has been around for a while in the roads sector but its full potential is now starting to be realised. Read how we’re using it to reduce cost, provide schedule certainty and overcome technical obstacles.
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Offsite manufacture: Rail

Richard Anderson looks at offsite manufacture and the significant benefits it can bring to the rail industry when time is of the essence.
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Audrey McIver talks offsite

Audrey McIver talks about using an offsite approach in the delivery of large-scale infrastructure projects and why the benefits of doing so are too significant to ignore.
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Bruce Donaldson talks efficiency

Bruce Donaldson talks about how we embed lean practices in our culture, paving the way for increased productivity and efficiency, and improved delivery for our clients and their customers.
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Adrian Malone talks digital

Adrian Malone talks about how Digital & BIM has moved on and why behaviours and working practices play a key part in passing on the benefits to customers of infrastructure.
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